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Neko Switch Toddler Size Carrier - Lokum Blush

Neko Switch Toddler Size Carrier - Lokum Blush
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Anbieter: NEKO

From toddler to preschool!

Neko Switch TODDLER SIZE offers you still comfort carry adventure from toddler months to preschool ages.

All you have to do is adjust the panel width via snaps. You should adjust the height with PFA's (perfect fit adjusters) and pull drawstrings at both sides of the carrier.

Make sure your baby's knees (knee to knee, M shape) and head supported are at all times. 

Neko Switch TODDLER SIZE can be used from 86/92 cm till your little one becomes a preschool kid- aprox. 6 years.  

Product Features:

  • %90 biocotton %10 linen. Extra soft fabric feels luxury all the time 
  • Fully wrap conversion
  • Stylish, simple and aesthetic design.  
  • Removable hood
  • Padded leg openings
  • Pannel width: from 38 to 54 cm
  • Pannel height : from 41 to 53 cm
  • Belt measures:from 75 to145 cm
  • High density shoulder foam and strong belt support creates perfect comfort
  • Front and back carry. Baby's face always should be inwards.  
  • Duraflex buckles (belt & chest) plus YKK for all other accessories
  • Machine Washable (cool)